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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host In 2017

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host In 2017

Do you have a blog on a free platform? Or maybe your website is already self-hosted, but you aren’t happy with your current web host provider (my current situation). Whatever the reason, you are looking for tips for choosing the best web host in 2017.

There are a few types of web hosts, but most bloggers start out with Shared web hosting. That is the type of service I am focusing on with this tip list.

Here are the tips I wish I had been given before I bought web hosting last year.

1. How Much Will It Cost To Get SSL?

In December of 2016, WordPress released a blog post about moving toward SSL in 2017. I will be writing more about what SSL is all about in an upcoming post, but this is something I am working to add to my blogs. The short answer is that SSL means a more secure connection between your website and your reader.

My current web host is kind of expensive to get an SSL certificate. They charge a one-time $25 installation fee and then $2 per month for a dedicated IP address. Thanks to an initiative called Let’s Encrypt, free certificates are more easily available. More and more web hosts are offering easy integration with Let’s Encrypt certificates, so those web hosts are going to be the best place to start.

2. Do They Offer WordPress One-Click Install?

Many web hosts will install WordPress for you during your checkout. As a blogger using WordPress, this saves you a lot of time. Many web hosts offer easy one-click install from the control panel for additional websites/blogs.

3. Do They Have Good Support?

Some hosting providers have good support and others have a bad reputation. Be sure to research a web hosts customer service reputation.

4. Do They Support Cloudflare CDN?

This is one of my irritations with my current web host. I signed up to use Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) to help speed up my website and add better security.

A few weeks ago my website went down and my web host’s response was to dump using the Cloudflare service. Other web hosts specifically recommend and support the use of this service and will help troubleshoot any issues you might have.

5. How Many Websites Can You Have?

Most of the starter plans only allow one website. If that is all you plan to have, then you may be able to use a starter plan, but be sure the other features are sufficient.

My current plan allows a maximum of 6 websites, which so far has been enough for me. I currently have 4 that I am running on my personal hosting plan: this website,, and

Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host In 2017

As I mentioned, I am not totally satisfied with my current web host. I haven’t totally narrowed down who I want to use yet. Below is a list of options that I have narrowed down. Do you have experience with any of these hosts?


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Really great post. I am interested to see where WordPress goes with the SSL and how much it will cost. I am really happy with WordPress and my site is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate which is a great affiliate marketing platform.

    No doubt the goal posts will change even more over the next 12 months which is both scary and exciting.

    Thanks for the article. It helped a lot, cheers, Kev

    1. Hi, Kev. It might be cliche, but the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Now that WA is offering free SSL certificates with one click installation, I will need to give some serious thought to my recommendations.

  2. I am hosting my site on Wealthy Affiliate and had no problems at all, the support is great, everything is good so far!
    Shortly they all add SLL on all the website hosted in WA.

    Of course sites with SLL will be trusted more by the search engines.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips and have a good day! 🙂

    1. Anis, thanks for the comment. I am excited right now about the SSL on all WA hosted sites. I have my sites hosted at InMotion hosting right now, but this might be enough for me to migrate to WA’s hosting.


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