Friday, 13 Jul 2018

Just What Is Online Marketing About, Anyway?

Online MarketingOnline marketing is about helping connect people online. Connect with information, connect with products and connect with services to help them solve their problems.

I want to connect you with the information, products and services that you need to run your blog as an online marketing business. On this page are some frequently asked questions and how I plan to help answer those questions.

Is this some kind of Get-Rich-Quick scheme?

No. Absolutely not. I want to help you build a business out of your blog. If you want to earn a full (or even part) time income with online marketing / blogging, you have to treat your efforts as a business. There will be work involved.

Just like you can’t build a house in a day, you can’t build an online business overnight.

So how do you start an online marketing business?

If you haven’t already started your online marketing business, I highly recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see if it might be for you. You get training to be an affiliate marketer (one type of online marketer), networking opportunities and step-by-step guidance to building a website. The starter membership is free.

I will also be reviewing other training programs as well as connecting you with marketing books, blogs, and podcasts where you can further increase your knowledge of marketing. See my Online Marketing Education page for my recommendations.

What if I have already started my online marketing business?

Then I have information for you as well. You can read about the tools and services I use in my business on my page Engineer’s Toolbox.

I will also be recommending various WordPress plugins. You can check out the list of plugins this website uses on my WordPress Plugins Directory page.

Do You Have Another Blogging or WordPress Question?

Just send me your questions via the contact form on the Ask Amanda page. I am here to help you.

What is next?

My goals for this website are to:

  1. Identify reputable training programs like Wealthy Affiliate,
  2. Review reliable online business services and tools,
  3. Recommend WordPress plugins, and
  4. Answer YOUR questions!

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