Friday, 13 Jul 2018

How To Start A WordPress Website From Scratch [12 Step Tutorial]

How To Start A WordPress Website From ScratchDo you want to know how to start a WordPress website from scratch? It can be pretty intimidating to start your first website.

I have a friend who is interested in making a website for a small business that she runs, but doesn’t know where to start. So I told her I would help and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to document the steps.

Many tutorials leave out critical steps. There is enough information for an experienced web designer not to forget any steps, but there isn’t enough practical information for the non-technical business person to keep up the momentum.

But wait, before we start, what exactly is WordPress?

When the internet first started, you had to learn a programming language called html and write a bunch of lines of code. Eventually a couple of programmers designed content management systems (CMS) to simplify website design.

A CMS is to your website what an operating system is for your computer. It creates a point and click environment so you don’t have to write your own code. It also includes a file management system like your computer’s operating system.

The best part about it is that it is free. That is why over 25% of the internet’s websites use WordPress.

Part of why WordPress is so popular is how flexible it is. By using Themes and Plugins, there are millions of configurations to make a website unique. A theme is a template for what your website looks like. Plugins are add-on bits of code that add a small specific function to your website.

12 Steps To Start A WordPress Website From Scratch

The following are the basic steps. I will create a post for each step as I work through the process with my friend.

I intend the articles will be clear enough for a non-technical beginner to start a wordpress website from scratch. So if you have any questions, please leave a comment below to let me know.

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Choose and purchase your domain name.
  3. Purchase webhosting.
  4. Create an email address with your new domain name.
  5. Select, install and customize a Theme.
  6. Setup WordPress user and Gravatar.
  7. Install recommended plugins and create a sitemap.
  8. Cleanup default WordPress installation.
  9. Create obligatory pages (About, Privacy Policy, Contact).
  10. Sign up for an email service.
  11. Setup Menus and Widgets.
  12. Sign up for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.


  1. A very comprehensive post on how to create a WordPress website from scratch. I found it very easy to understand indeed and it sounds to me like you know just what it is you are talking about, thanks I will take your direction gladly.


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